Tips About Antique Prints

Free insight and analysis of vintage fine art and antique prints, written by us, international antique print dealers with over 20 years experience.


The Oxford English Dictionary defines vintage as "something from the past of high quality...representing the best of its kind".

So, vintage art is defined as high quality art from the 18th century to 1950s, characterized by excellence and enduring appeal.

Most vintage art was created by talented professional illustrators, who specialized in accurately portraying the natural world.

There was a high demand for excellent illustrators in the vintage era for several reasons.

First, it was a golden age for exploration. Great expeditions, such as Captain Cook's, discovered new lands, plants and animals. They took excellent artists...

Fine art is defined as "creative art, especially visual be appreciated primarily for  imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content... or an activity requiring great skill or accomplishment". (Source: Oxford English Dictionary).

Print making is classed as one of the fine arts. In the olden days, each print was considered an original, not a copy. Prints were created from a printing block, usually made of copper, steel, wood or stone.  Often the prints would be printed with black ink and then hand painted by an artist, making each print unique. They were hand colored to allow a greater variety of colors, allowing the images to...