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Archaopteryx (Feathered Dinosaur)

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Fine art print for sale. Archaopteryx (Feathered Dinosaur)
Archaopteryx (Feathered Dinosaur)

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Archaopteryx (Feathered Dinosaur)

Fine art canvas print.

Archaopteryx feathered dinosaurs flying over a beach. A giant prehistoric dragonfly is in the background. The Archaopteryx is the famous missing link between birds and dinosaurs. The first feathered dinosaur fossil found was of an Archaopteryx. Archaeopteryx has more in common with other dinosaurs than it does with modern birds. For example, it had jaws with sharp teeth, three fingers with claws, a long bony tail, and a "killing claw".

Based on an antique print from the early 1900s by Heinrich Harder, which we have carefully restored and enhanced.
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