Fine art is defined as "creative art, especially visual be appreciated primarily for  imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content... or an activity requiring great skill or accomplishment". (Source: Oxford English Dictionary).

Print making is classed as one of the fine arts. In the olden days, each print was considered an original, not a copy. Prints were created from a printing block, usually made of copper, steel, wood or stone.  Often the prints would be printed with black ink and then hand painted by an artist, making each print unique. They were hand colored to allow a greater variety of colors, allowing the images to be more realistic and accurate. 

Our fine art prints are inspired by vintage art from the 18th century to 1950s, which we have selected for their excellence and enduring appeal. Many are based on illustrations by some of the finest artists of the day such as the bird artist John Gould, the botanical artist Pierre Redoute, and the Vero Shaw who specialized in dogs and horses. 

Have a look at examples of our fine art prints inspired by Gould, Redoute and Shaw which are shown below.