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Fine Rare Prints 21 Jun 0 531
The Oxford English Dictionary defines vintage as "something from the past of high quality...representing the best of its kind".Vintage art is defined by us as high quality art from the 18th century to 1950s, characterized by excellence and enduring..
Fine Rare Prints 10 May 0 524
What is a Giclee Fine Art Print? A giclee fine art print is a print made by a special printer which sprays millions of microscopically small drops of archival inks to create art.Giclee has better color accuracy and resolution than other printing me..
Fine Rare Prints 15 Feb 0 481
Fine art is defined as:"Creative art, especially visual be appreciated primarily for  imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content."(Oxford English Dictionary).Print making is classed as one of the fine arts.In the olden days, each prin..
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