How We Make Fine Art Prints

Where do the images come from?

We have been international antique print dealers for decades.

Using our experience, we choose the best images from our vast archive of rare antique prints.

How are the prints made?

We scan the antiques in ultra-fine detail.

Then our artist carefully restores the images, conserving their antique appearance.

We make prints using top quality printers, inks and canvas:

  • The Epson pigmented inks have superior colours and stability.
  • The Epson canvas has a soft artistic finish. It is heavyweight (375gsm), durable and waterproof. It is supports accurate colour printing at very high resolution.

How to display your prints?

You may display the prints using a picture frame, wooden hangers, or have them stretched.

You will enjoy the prints for many years. They will not fade. The inks and canvas have been tested by independent laboratories for extended stability.