George Alexander Cooke

These are genuine antique prints by George Alexander Cooke (1781 - 1834).

During the late 1700s, new lands were being discovered and trade routes established. Chronicles about travel and exploration became popular in Great Britain.

Cooke produced an entertaining chronicle of famous voyages and travels. Its title was rather lengthy. Take a deep breath to read all of the title without a pause!

"A Modern and authentic system of universal geography, containing an accurate and entertaining description of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America being a complete and universal history and description of the whole world, as divided into empires, kingdoms, states, republics".

This described the voyages and discoveries of great explorers of the era such as Captain James Cook, Furneaux, and Magellan.

Here are some of the engravings for you to choose from. They're original antiques from 1801

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