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Cuba Trogon. (Trogon Temnurus)

Fine art print for sale. Cuba Trogon. (Trogon Temnurus)
Cuba Trogon. (Trogon Temnurus)
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  • Artist / Collection: Gould, John
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Vintage bird art by John Gould. Features a Cuba Trogon bird (Trogon temnurus). The Cuban Trogon is also known as the Tocororo or Tocoloro, from its repeated call, toco-toco-tocoro-tocoro. The Cuban Trogon is very colorful and its colors mimic the Cuban flag, so it was chosen as the national bird of Cuba. This beautiful bird is between ten and eleven inches and has a long fluffy tail. In flight, these birds travel in pairs creating a large amount of noise. The Cuban Trogon is very common and can be found all over the island of Cuba This is a fine art print of the lithograph Gould made in the 1840s.

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