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Long Tailed Cuckoo And Grey Warbler

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Fine art print for sale. Long Tailed Cuckoo And Grey Warbler
Long Tailed Cuckoo And Grey Warbler

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Fine art print inspired by John Gerrard Keulemans.

Features Long Tailed Cuckoo and Grey Warbler (Eudynamys taitensis and Gerygone igata).

Of these birds, Buller says "The illustration...although it may have the appearance of an exaggeration, is in reality a true picture of bird-life. The Long-tailed Cuckoo, which is a native of the warm islands of the South Pacific, visits our country in the summer and breeds with us; but the task of rearing its young (as many witnesses can testify) is entrusted to the Grey Warbler (Gerygone flaviventris), figured in our Plate - a species that performs the same friendly office for the Shining Cuckoo (Chrysococcyx lucidus), another summer visitant."

Walter Buller KCMG (1838 - 1906) was a New Zealand lawyer and naturalist. His work, "A History of the Birds of New Zealand", was first published in 1873 and as an extended version in 1888. It is regarded as a classic of ornithology and New Zealand wildlife and describes several now extinct birds.

The artist who illustrated the birds was John Gerrard Keulemanns, regarded as one of the finest wildlife illustrators of all time.