Mantis Shrimp

Fine art print for sale. Mantis Shrimp
Artist/Collection: Orbigny, Charles
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Mantis Shrimp

Fine art print inspired by an engraving made in the 1840s by Charles Orbigny.

Features a Mantis shrimp (stomatopod). They may reach 38 cm (15 in) has been recorded. Sometimes referred to as "thumb splitters" – because of the animal's ability to inflict painful gashes if handled incautiously mantis shrimp sport powerful claws that they use to attack and kill prey by spearing, stunning, or dismemberment. Although it only happens rarely, some larger species of mantis shrimp are capable of breaking through aquarium glass. The strike is so rapid, even if the initial strike misses the prey, the resulting shock wave can be enough to stun or kill the prey.

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