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Seashell Art

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Seashell Art

There is something deeply appealing about seashells to most people. Picking up shells is irresistible when walking on a beach. Perhaps its because seashells often have such perfect shapes? Perhaps it's because they have long been associated with magical powers? For example, seashells were associated with the powers of sea gods and goddesses in many cultures - in ancient Greece, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was usually shown held aloft on a giant shell. Seashells used to be used as money in some pacific islands.

We have a fantastic range of seashell art prints. Shell collecting was popular eighteenth- and nineteenth-century pastimes, as it was an era of exploration. Shells from exotic lands were eagerly sought to fill the curiosity cabinets considered indispensable in the well-appointed home.

We make our prints with superb pigmented inks and heavyweight 300gsm German fine art paper made from 100% cotton and spring water.

Fine art print of seashells inspired by an engraving from the early 1800s by George Sowerby.Featuresa collection of tropical cone seashells.Shell collecting was a popular 18th and 19th century pastime. During this era of exploration, shells from exotic lands were eagerly sought by collectors and the..
Fine art print.Features tropical cone shells.Based on a lithograph made in 1860s by Emil Hanselmann, which we have carefully restored and enhanced.Read about how we make our fine art prints here.@ Fine Rare Prints. All rights reserved...
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