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Fine art prints by Bromme, Traugott

Traugott Bromme was a German traveler who led an exciting life and whose maps of America are much sought after to this day. He was born in Germany in 1802. He settled in the United States in 1820, and then traveled extensively in Texas and Mexico, became surgeon on a Columbian war-schooner cruising in the West Indies, and was detained for a year as a prisoner in Haiti, during which time he explored that island. After his return to Germany he became a publisher, and published books, prints and maps on his travels in America and the natural history of the world.
These original prints were published in Sweden in 1867 for the education of school children. They show groups of interesting animals set against quite decorative backgrounds.

Our fine art prints are inspired by antique illustrations. We make them with superb pigmented inks and heavyweight German fine art paper made from 100% cotton and spring water.

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